Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a marketing channel for all business which want to have a strong presence in the digital world. Through SEO, you can expect more traffic and leads to your site, which means you can expect more sales for your business.

Improving site positions in search engine results (SERP) can have a significant impact on your business.

Search engine optimization is a process. It is a long term strategy, but that’s why organic traffic is so stable after SEO activities are complete.
In our days, SEO isn’t just to make bots happy whit their technical requirements. Now the process is over the clients – their search intent, their user experience. Keywords are a significant factor, but valuable and useful content is important too.

Another part of the SEO process is on-page and on-site optimization. On-site optimization means that your site must respond to all the technical requirements of search machines. You must take attention to page speed, code verification, site structure, and UX (user experience).

looking to the top

What are the key advantages of search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization stages

  1.  Full site audit
    1. accessibility & indexing
    2. site structure
    3. keyword’s difficulty and positioning
    4. link profile
  2. Defining goals and creating a strategy
    1. working on technical issues discovered by SEO audit
    2. analyze and form the semantic core
    3. creating an optimization strategy
      1. looking for keywords gap with competitors
      2. looking for link prospects
  3. Content strategy
    1. creating content if it is necessary
  4. Link building
  5. Analyze, measurement and monitoring

Analyzing KPI (key performance indicators) allows to test and correct chosen optimization plan.

seo contains

What did an SEO specialist do?

seo activities
  • optimize site structure
  • create a semantic core
  • optimize titles&descriptions
  • content audit
  • creating content
  • competition analysis
  • keywords revision
  • check for keyword cannibalization
  • position analysis
  • link building, and so on.

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